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4D Ultrasound Facilities are Not Created Equally!

We named our business “The Ultrasound Experience,” because delivering high quality experiences is our primary goal when you retain our services. Here, it is all about you, your family and your first incredible encounter with your unborn child.

We provide a spacious and comfortable family theater environment with high resolution monitors and a memorable 100-inch view screen! 

Each of our sonographers has been trained in the very unique art of 3D/4D imaging.

We welcome you to invite family members and closest friends to enjoy this once in a lifetime event with you!

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Welcome to The Ultrasound Experience!
We offer the finest 4D prenatal experience available.    Combining cutting-edge technology with a family theater environment, we bring incredible images of your unborn baby to life!


  Starting at $99 (click for details!)

Optimize your Ultrasound Experience...

  • 8-12 Weeks is best for listening to the heartbeat
  • 14-25 Weeks is best for gender and to get a 4D glimpse of movement that you do not feel
  • 30-34 Weeks is what we suggest for the best facial detail
3d ultrasound san marcos
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